Hiring and renting at Pure Rental

Pure Rental is an online platform for renting and hiring of machinery. Read the blog and learn more about the innovative approach to the rental market.

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Hire a towing truck in Amsterdam

Amsterdam .. the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. Many companies are positioned here but Pure Rental makes THE difference! Pure Rental is a provider of solutions for customers in terminals, ports, heavy industry and contracting. The company uses an innovative approach to the rental market. It has a platform that anticipates to a growing demand for flexibility. Because of the innovative nature, this company may not be known to the general public, but that will change soon!

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Hire Kalmar reach stackers

Why choose a Kalmar reach stacker? Read the blog about the benefits of hiring a reach stacker.

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Rent SMV forklift

A truck, it’s impossible to imagine businesslife without it. But you don’t want to invest immediately in a froklift? Pure Rental offers you the solution, read more about it in the blog.

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Terberg towing truck hire

Interested in renting a Terberg terminal tractor? Read the blog for more information about the machine.

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