Hire a towing truck in Amsterdam


Amsterdam .. the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. Many companies are positioned here but Pure Rental makes THE difference! Pure Rental is a provider of solutions for customers in terminals, ports, heavy industry and contracting. The company uses an innovative approach to the rental market. It has a platform that anticipates to a growing demand for flexibility. Because of the innovative nature, this company may not be known to the general public, but that will change soon!

Pure Rental is a global player, with several locations in the Netherlands and abroad. In the Netherlands, you will not only find them in Amsterdam, but also in other major cities such as Rotterdam, Eindhoven and The Hague.

Rent your towing truck in Amsterdam. Are you a lessor and willing to increase your turn over? Then you've come to the right place. Pure Rental also offers the ability to rent, and just like hiring, renting is quick and easy. Placing your ad on the site is done within a few seconds ..

Are you located in the Netherlands and do you have a towing truck available? Then you are the right person for renting your machine. Pure Rental increases your chances on the online rental market.

Do not hesitate and start today with the hiring or renting your towing truck. Registration is free and in seconds you can place your ad on the platform. hire a towing truck, click here to register

Hire a towing truck worldwide

Suppose you have your business positioned on a large outdoor terrain or port in Spain. Due to circumstances you are short on towing trucks, resulting in a big problem. You do not want to invest directly in purchasing a towing truck, hiring is preferred. Because of the ease would you prefer to contact a Dutch company active abroad. In such a case is Pure Rental the most appropriate company that has the solution for you. hiring is quick and easy. You only have to register for free on www.pure-rental.com and in no time you can make use of the available towing trucks. The same goes if you want to hire a towing truck in the Netherlands. Pure Rental has next to towing trucks, more machinery for hire including:
- Forklifts
- Reachstackers
- Straddle Carriers
- Trailers
The whole supply of machines can be found at pure-rental.com.