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Why choose a Kalmar reach stacker? Read the blog about the benefits of hiring a reach stacker.

are you moving a heavy container? Use a reach stacker.  It Allows you to load containers, unload, move and stack containers at transshipment and storage sites. With a reach stacker containers are provided and delivered to, for example trucks, railcars and trailers.

Kalmar Sweden

The largest producer of reachstackers is based in Sweden and carries the brand Kalmar. It is an independent company in the field of Cargotec. Until today Kalmar is the forerunner in the field of port automation and energy-efficient cargo handling. In 1985, the first generation of reach stackers was put on the market. In 2014, the largest reach stacker ' "Gloria", won a record with a lift of 103 tons. Gloria is the fifth generation of Kalmar reachstackers, with a completely new EGO cabin. it also has other things like; improved visibility of 90%, a specially designed joystick ergonomically designed with side adjustable steering wheel, a control console and pedals.

There is much improved in the field of electronics (like redundant CAN-bus system, improved connections and temperature-dependent cooling) and the hydraulics (load-sensing variable hydraulic pumps). The machine maintenance is easier and cheaper through longer maintenance intervals and improved electronic fault signal interfaces.

Finally in the Gloria is optionally available with: - 3 Eco modes (fuel savings up to 20%) - Start-stop system (fuel savings up to 10%) - Tire pressure monitoring system and front axle with independent rotating wheels for a major reduction in tire wear.

All these improvements will lead to greater driver comfort and lower costs per operating hour.

The benefits of a Kalmar reach stacker:
- A user-friendly steering and good environmental performance
- Low operating costs
- A high performance during the entire work cycle
- Comfort and safety
- Low operating and maintenance costs

Required to drive a reach stacker are instruction related to safety risks. Many drivers don’t know how a reach stacker needs to be controlled. Working safe with a reach stacker requires accurate preparation. The reach stacker can only be used by people who have had a specific user instruction and have some degree of expertise.

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