Hiring and renting at Pure Rental


Pure Rental is an online platform for renting and hiring of machinery. Read the blog and learn more about the innovative approach to the rental market.

For visitors that don’t know Pure Rental yet, below is a letter with explanation about the company. Further in the text, you can read more about the hire and rental possibility’s.

Pure Rental is a provider of solutions for customers in terminals, ports, heavy industry and contracting. The company uses an innovative approach to the rental market. It has a platform that anticipates to a growing demand for flexibility. Because of the innovative nature of this company it may not be known to the general public, but that will change soon. Through the 'news'  button we will keep you informed of all developments in the company. Also there will be blogs about different machines and other relevant matters.

There is a special chat where you can ask your questions. Also contact by phone is no problem. With one click on the button you have direct contact with Pure Rental. We try to make it as easy as possible for you, so you can get started quickly.

Hiring at Pure Rental

Need a towing truck for transport or are you in need of a straddle carrier on your port? Pure Rental will be happy to help. Registration is very simple and it's free! You can register on www.pure-rental.com or click here to get started even faster. There is a wide choice on the online platform such as: terminal tractors, forklifts, reachstackers.
Several brands are available such as:
- Kalmar
- Terberg
- Toyota
- Hyster
Etc… Invest itself is not necessary. You hire simple and quick with Pure Rental.

Renting at Pure Rental

Pure Rental also offers the possibility to rent. Perhaps you have a forklift that you do not use frequently, and want to rent it. Pure Rental offers you this opportunity and just like hiring, renting is quick and easy. Why leave your truck unused in the garage? Increase your income while someone else is using your equipment. Now that's a win-win situation.
Renting of equipment is done the same way as the hiring of machinery. Register at pure-rental.nl and start today with earning money. Pure Rental makes it as easy as possible. Do you still have questions?
On the website you will find the simple instructions.