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A truck, it’s impossible to imagine businesslife without it. But you don’t want to invest immediately in a froklift? Pure Rental offers you the solution, read more about it in the blog.

A forklift, who doesn’t use it? A forklift it’s impossible to imagine businesslife without It. It is a powered industrial truck, and is used to transport materials by placing steel forks underneath the load. Driving a truck is more than just lifting and lowering the forks. The driver of the truck also has the ability to tilt and thus the mast so the forks do not point towards the ground.
Slowly the electric forklift takes over the Dutch market. Electric driving is cheaper and also the legislation is putting more demands on the use of forklifts inside buildings.

Safe driving with a forklift

To drive safely with a forklift experience is required. Consider also:
- Getting anything on the overhead guard (which is the platform above the seat of the driver).
- Do not reverse when the load obstructs the view.
- Please keep arms and legs inside the truck.
- Do not try to shift or move the load from the truck.
- Don’t Raise or lower the load while driving.
- Be careful on slippery surfaces.
- Use an appropriate speed.

SMV forklift 16-1200B

This is one of the fork trucks at Pure Rental for hire. It is a heavy truck and it meets the highest performance and reliability requirements. The SMV forklift truck is often used in the metal, wood, concrete and paper industry. This truck of SMV is recommended for hire.

Renting a truck

Do you not immediately want to invest in a truck willing to but hire one. Then you can quickly and easily hire at Pure Rental. Also for renting your material please visit the online platform. Place your ad easily and increases the chance to rent your truck or other machinery. Pure Rental is a worldwide located company, so wherever you are, we can help you! Check the website

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