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A towing truck is an ideal machine for transporting rough work and is suitable for short distances. You can use it on public roads and a driving license isn’t required. It is wise to read yourself into It because, There are many unknowns about laws, terms and conditions relating to driving a towing truck. Following some classes is possible and wise.

Safety first

There is however the Health and Safety Act that states that the driver of a towing truck must be in possession of a valid safety certificate. That means that; The driver controls a number of practical skills (including controlling,load handling) and is aware of the latest laws and regulations. With safety precautions the risk is minimal and remains manageable. This is required to safely deal with a towing truck. There are many models and types of towing trucks, ranging from a big sizes to small versions. The small towing trucks have a longer life than the larger models. Examples of towing trucks are:
- 4x2
- RoRo truck 4x4
- Swap body vehicles
- Custom Vehicles

To get an idea of ??Terberg towing trucks , you can watch via this link https://vimeo.com/145628385 a video about "Special Vehicles" of the company Terberg. Below, further explanation of the towing truck.

Terberg towing truck

Terberg towing truck is not a 'normal' towing truck. The engineering and construction of a Terberg truck is less susceptible to damage by a robust construction. The driver of the tractor does not need to step out to disconnect a trailer. This can easily be done by the vehicle.
The Terberg teminal tractors (4x2) have:
- Spacious cab
- turnable seats up to 180 °
- Sliding door on the rear side of the RT-series
- Combination weight (GCW) max. 90 tons
- Lifting capacity up to 35 tons

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